Supporting digital transformation in retail with the Information System as a performance lever 

Retailers are facing difficult trading conditions.

They must address the continuous and profound development of new modes of consumption driven by an increasingly digitally-savvy customer base. Transformation is becoming inevitable and will require the securing and mastering of business-line actions, as well as innovation to meet consumer demands for immediacy and flexibility.


The technological revolution, transformation of working methods and new ways of thinking are all leaving business-line departments and IT no choice but to coordinate all elements:


  • Think multi-channel: mastering reference data and flows to strengthen the brand's proximity to customers
  • Think mobility and speed: agility of architectures and flexibility of resources (Cloud)
  • Incorporate the accelerated pace-of-life: managing short cycles, speed of range renewals,
  • Providing the customer with relevant support, anywhere and anytime: managing and enhancing data, mobility
  • Facilitating the implementation of channels internationally
  • Cost control: operating efficiency in logistics and warehouses, standardisation of Information Systems, optimisation of management processes.

To meet these challenges retailers will have to undertake major transformations within fundamental fields:

  • Sales and marketing performance: predictive marketing, social customer relationship management (CRM), Big Data, network optimisation and sales-force management
  • Supply Chain: managing flows, stock and transportation, Lean Management and Supply Chain to the benefit of the customer
  • Extended company: collaborative enterprise, knowledge management/pooling of teams involved in transformations), bring your own device (BYOD), security and management of rights
  • Research, technology and innovation: mobility, Cloud, augmented/virtual reality, Big Data and connected objects
  • Organisation and systems of governance: management of complex projects, company DNA and cultural integration, designing and roll out of transformation activities,