Insurance & Social welfare

Combining operational excellence and innovation in a complex environment.

Faced with unprecedented competitive and regulatory pressures, European insurance companies, mutual funds and social welfare providers are being forced into radically improving their operating models. This situation is compounded by changes in the service expectations of customers.

Across Europe major business challenges need to be addressed: guaranteeing cost control, improving customer satisfaction, compliance with new regulations and creating an environment for growth – all within a very short time.


With expertise in the insurance and social-welfare market and a comprehensive offer, Sopra Steria is a powerful partner to customers in their quest for operating efficiency and competitive advantage. We enable them to:

  • Accelerate digital transformation and digitisation;
  • Implement  industrialisation and alignment of business processing and technology;
  • Minimise the cost and exploit the capabilities of legacy applications;
  • Blend consumer information, service availability, brand reputation and employee motivation to improve the customer experience;
  • Make the multi-channel approach a reality in customer relations;
  • Fully utilise their data and information assets;
  • Transform new regulations into strategic, operational, or technological opportunities;
  • Be a player in innovation: connected objects for prevention purposes, Big Data in fraud protection, artificial intelligence for "smart care", etc.


More than 500 clients across Europe use our insurance products and services to enhance their business performance, including many of the largest and best known insurers.