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Your integration

The first few days with a new company are crucial for successful integration. With over 3,100 permanent employees recruited this year, the Sopra Steria Group is especially careful to ensure that every new employee receives an excellent welcome into a positive environment. In addition to training explaining the group’s mentality, the Immediate Boarding programme addresses all the key elements for a successful onboarding experience with the Sopra Steria Group.



A personalised welcome from your very first day

You are greeted by your manager on arrival. They are accessible and attentive, and will introduce you to your project and work environment. You’ll meet the teams that you’ll be working with and receive support while you start getting to grips with the project.


Seminar for building group cohesion

As a slightly different way to get to know the group, there will be an integration event you can attend where you’ll learn more about your ecosystem (the group, your entity, etc.).

What is more, as a new employee you’ll also receive training during your integration period:

  • 3-day seminar for recent graduates
  • 4-day Sopra Steria Manager seminar for more experienced employees