conseils recruteur

Tips from our recruiters

Writing your CV

Your CV should both provide a general overview and promote your assets. You should aim to make yourself stand out from the crowd, convince the recruiter and land an interview.

Your CV must:

  • Be clear and well-rounded.
  • Show clear logic in your career path.
  • Be adapted to the description of the role you’re going for
  • Be a maximum of 1 page long and include 2 or 3 fonts


Succeeding in your interviews

Before landing your first interview, you will have a pre-screening telephone call. This is actually the first selection interview.

It is therefore important to be prepared to make the best impression possible on the recruiter. The aim of this interview is to confirm specific points (e.g. career, availability, mobility, salary expectations).


On the day 

You've been asked to come for a job interview. Find out as much as you can about the company, prepare for your interview, and make sure you arrive on time. During the interview, be yourself, ask questions, engage in discussions, and focus on how well-suited your profile is to the post to be filled. The interview is a demonstration of both your knowledge and your people skills. At the end of the interview, find out what the next steps in the recruitment process are.


After the interview 

After your interviews, it’s important to review how you did in order to capitalise on your strengths and continue to grow. You can also email us to reaffirm your drive and enthusiasm, and your understanding of the company and role.

If you do not hear anything within the prearranged time frame, feel free to recontact the person who interviewed you.