Systems integration

Systems integration has traditionally always been a core part of Sopra Steria’s business activities, and is included in the life cycle of an application portfolio to address issues that clients may face such as:

  • Design and integration
  • Performance and transformation
  • Urbanisation of data


Research and Development Engineer

You will be responsible for designing, modelling, programming and integrating applications using a variety of programming languages (e.g. JAVA JEE, C#, C++, PHP, Python)

Project Manager

You will oversee the entire project by way of managing all human, administrative and financial elements.


You will be in charge of analysing, developing and structuring information systems.

Scrum master

You will be in charge of a project team’s safety, training and performance.

Data scientist

You will use statistical methods to identify and address issues.

Business analyst

You will analyse, write specifications for and model product features, and the client requirements that need software packages creating.

Project Manager

You will be supported by one or more teams placed under your responsibility in supervising the general coordination and management (functional, HR, financial, technical and administrative) of a project portfolio.

Technical Manager

You manage the product and/or services’ development and deployment cycle, with support from both internal and external resources.


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