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Support roles

Support roles: cross-functional linchpins

Our support teams work tirelessly to support entities and project development. Their cross-functional overview allows them to support operators in their work and ensure that the company runs smoothly.

Find out more about the areas in which we are recruiting:




Business & Sales Engineers

Sales representatives work tirelessly to sell complex projects and manage major risk factors.


Finance, Financial Control & Accounting

You ensure the solvency of a project and/or entity.

Legal (business & social)

Your role is to advise and assist operators in writing, analysing, negotiating and monitoring contract execution (drafting, production outsourcing, systems integration, public procurement processes).



Human Resources & Training

From recruiting new employees to onboarding them and coordinating teams, you are the primary point of contact for all things HR.


Communication & Marketing

You will be responsible for developing awareness of the company and its entities, as well as promoting projects to our clients.


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