Sopra Steria and Beamap, their strategic consultancy and specialist cloud architecture firm, offer clients from all sectors the very highest level of expertise for all their cloud projects:

  • Private cloud, public cloud and multi-cloud
  • Mass migration
  • Cloud sourcing
  • Cybersecurity, GDPR
  • Agility, DevOps, FinOps
  • IoT, Blockchain, machine learning



Full Stack Developer 

You manage website architecture and API creation, and are comfortable with both Front-End and Back-End development. You ensure test automation implementation using CI/CD tools. Application performance is part of who you are.



You anticipate clients’ expectations and shape functional and technical architecture. You propose technical solutions in line with public and private Cloud standards and create suitable product backlogs that incorporate Ops features.


Cloud Consultant

You will ensure successful end-to-end cloud transformation projects, right from the preliminary strategic study phase all the way through to supporting the client during solution deployment.


Cloud Architect

You will define architecture principles and develop patterns that are consistent with the client’s environment and the challenges that they face, to then write the corresponding reference documentation.


Cloud Manager

You specialise in DevOps, FinOps, all cloud technology and certified CSP, and will manage assignments, oversee operations, advise the client and serve as the interface between the client, internal operators, and other suppliers.



You are in charge of setting up roll-out and deployment tools. You are also responsible for managing the operation of solutions and ongoing improvements across the whole project.


Agile Coach

You will support the client’s teams in learning about agile practices so they may restructure the company’s processes, governance and committee procedures.