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Our commitments

Sopra Steria’s Social Responsibility policy promotes an approach to ongoing progress that combines cost efficiency with social equity. This social aspect focuses on the needs and wellbeing of both employees and the community as a whole, especially through acts of solidarity and responsible partnerships. These partnerships are also a way for us to make sure this momentum for progress reaches outside the boundaries of our own organisation.

Sopra Steria’s Social Responsibility is everyone’s responsibility, and is shaped by our actions, our awareness, and our “responsible” behaviour. Sopra Steria is actively working on four current social issues to promote equal opportunities, and is committed to going beyond a purely legislative approach by inherently integrating them into our procedures. The four central issues that we are committed to are:


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Ensuring gender equality

The Group’s commitment to gender equality has three main aspects: encouraging greater gender diversity in scientific roles, attracting more women into the digital sector, and encouraging the promotion of women to roles at all levels of the company whilst also respecting their work-life balance.

In order to achieve this, Sopra Steria works in schools and colleges all year round to break the stereotypes that say young women do not belong in the digital sector. Supported by influential women in the digital sector, the Passer-Elles network, which is made up of almost 300 female employees, works to promote gender diversity and encourage female students to consider science as a career.


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Encouraging the entry of people with disabilities into the workforce

The main objective of the group’s disabilities policy is to encourage the recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities. A proactive disabilities policy is structured around 3 key commitments:

  • Recruiting people with disabilities: hiring employees with disabilities is first and foremost about hiring skills to meet the company’s needs. Sopra Steria is setting up an integration system which includes educating teams and encouraging awareness, custom adaptation of work stations, and training local management.


  • Retaining employees with disabilities in the workplace: Sopra Steria is setting up a personalised support system and implementing tailored solutions to address technical, organisational, training-related and coaching matters.



  • Developing and backing innovative projects to make life easier for people with disabilities: the company is launching both internal and external challenges to encourage creativity, support the creation of innovative initiatives and accommodate the needs of disabled employees.


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Encouraging the entry of recent graduates into the workforce

Access to education for all and the entry of recent graduates into the workplace are central components of the Group’s social policy, in keeping with the principle of equal opportunities. Sopra Steria is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to diversity, employing young people with special needs, and increasing local employment.

In order to achieve this, Sopra Steria is working with specialised organisations in each country to promote recruitment of the recent graduates from non-IT backgrounds who face the greatest difficulties in finding employment. These partnerships make it possible to offer these young people conversion courses, and to get them directly involved, especially in terms of fulfilling insertion clauses, in IT projects awarded to the group.


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Showcasing senior employees' skills and integrating young people into the company

The ways in which society is changing are having a considerable impact on the entry of young people into the workforce, not to mention the length of their careers. The Group is committed to attracting young talent, but also to ensuring representation of all generations by providing support to more mature employees. Encouraging the transfer of knowledge and skills is a key part of the Group’s intergenerational policy.